3 Jobs for every Trainee, by making India, “the Animation Capital of the World” – MAAC

Declining jobs for educated youth & migration to metro cities in search of employment is one of the key challenges facing India today. In contrast, we met the trainees of MAAC (Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics) from non-metros across India. Each of these trainees gets 3 or more job opportunities.
Interestingly, the Return on investment (ROI) for the fees paid by these trainees on their training is significantly superior to ROI on fees spent for popular courses such as engineering, medicine etc.
How superior is the ROI of this training? What has led to this transformation? Can this be scaled, especially in non-metros?
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at Mumbai, on 13th December 2019.

5 time Higher ROI on Fees as well as Reduced time of Training

A 4-year Engineering degree course from private universities costs upwards of Rs 300k (US$4,000) & leads to a starting annual salary of Rs 300k (US$4,000). In contrast, an  18-month, advanced animation course at MAAC costs Rs 150k (US$2000) & leads to a starting annual salary of Rs 300k (US$4,000). Whilst we have oversimplified the course timelines & their fees, majority of MAAC’s courses pass the hurdle rates stated above.

Unique Platform which has created a strong bridge between Recruiters & Trainees

Fresh graduates require additional training on joining their companies. MAAC has developed a unique proprietary platform which enables recruiters to review the projects on animation of the trainees. This ensures that the recruiters are able to hire trainees for their very specific job requirements. This, in turn makes the trainees productive for their recruiters with minimal needs of additional training. More importantly, since some of the recruiters are global companies, they have started selecting few trainees for their global requirements.

Delivering curriculum content through Augmented Reality

MAAC is amongst the first adopters to deliver its curriculum through AR. This makes high quality education available across the most remote parts of India.

Global Media players setting up base in India due to  availability of Skilled talent

Animation projects of global media players requires larger sized teams across multiple skills to work in tandem. Based on the availability of skilled people across India, we have seen one global media giant raise its Indian team size from 50 to 5,000 in the past 4 years. Interestingly, this Media giant is targeting 50,000 people team in India in the next 5 years. Companies such as Disney, Sony & Turner have started offshoring increasing animation content to India. Fortunately, companies such as MAAC are consistently increasing their capacity to train rising number of students to match the increasing demand for animation talent.

Confluence of factors should sustain India’s   dominance as “Animation Capital”

We believe there has been a confluence of 4 factors that will sustain this trend. These are:
1) Outstanding MAAC Team – Very rarely do we get to see the commitment, passion, competence and opportunity rolled into one. MAAC team falls in this group
2) Internet availability across India – This has ensured companies such as MAAC’s reach into non-metros where the youth with high aspirations, commitment and competence can be trained
3) Increasing interest of global players to set up base in India – This trend is creating a virtuous cycle of recruiters’ rising need of skilled people and availability of committed, competent and trained youth, leading to positive outcomes for animation-related businesses.
4) Animation work is age & location agnostic – Hence, people of all age groups across the country can participate in this trend.

To Conclude

“Sustainable livelihood” in non-metros is an outcome of this trend
Animation needs highly diverse skills sets spread across Gaming, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Visual Effects, 3D etc. This ensures people with different skills can be a part of this movement across India. Most importantly, this skill has brought students from deep interiors of India such as Rewari, Mahad, Kanpur, Guwahati at par with students from metros of Mumbai, Delhi in terms of sustainable livelihood. Hats off to the MAAC team.

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