Complete Business Management for every vet, Paravet and AI technicians

Personal Business Manager

Meet your personal business manager cum digital financial assistant who helps expand your business by giving you increased access to farmers in your region. It schedules your meetings with farmers, gives you timely reminders for upcoming appointments and tracks your finances by keeping a note of your payments from every farmer.

Increased Income Opportunities

Nitara is an ecosystem which directly connects Artificial Inseminators, Vets and Para-vets with farmers, thereby increasing business opportunities and facilitating easy connections. Nitara lets the farmers find you and book your appointment in just a few clicks!

AI-powered Cattle Data

Holistic data about every cattle is recorded on Nitara so you can retrieve important details about the cattle at any time. Whether it’s past medical records, genetic computation, average milk yield, fodder plan, insemination history, Nitara records everything. Easy access and availability of data ensures accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Route Planner

Save your time and energy with Nitara’s route planner feature and make the most of your day! Being a high-tech app, Nitara suggests the fastest and the shortest route for all your appointments throughout the day. With our GPS-enabled technology, you can be on the go without worrying about directions.

Simply Upload Pictures, No Typing

Your time is precious. Simply upload the pictures and Nitara will automatically process the data, allowing you to save your time spent on typing each and every detail.