What is GormalOne

Creating technology for Rural India

The inspiration for GormalOne brewed enroute our founder Manish’s home in Malad to the tribal farms in Goregaon — where he spent time with farmers and tribals and deeply understood their pain points on a personal level. The farmers were technologically naive and operated on negligibly low profits.

With vast and in-depth knowledge of various agri-businesses gathered over the last 28 years, Manish was and continues to be supremely passionate about tapping the power of technology and artificial intelligence to empower the farmers and other neglected sections of society.

The blend of his urge to empower through technology and his financial acumen as an astute investor led to the creation of GormalOne. The name came to life by creatively fusing the names of two suburbs of Mumbai – Goregaon and Malad.

The larger vision is to ensure higher levels of ROI for the farmer community using innovative tools which are financially viable. GormalOne is relentlessly working on its mission to elevate Indian farmers from the vicious cycle to the virtuous circle.

Gormal One
Meet Our Core Team

Our success is a result of teamwork and building upon our technical expertise and creative style providing a full-service solution to our clients.

Our Core Strengths

Growth Driven

Formulating growth strategies for your farms on the basis of our deep domain experience to enhance ROI.

Global Network

Our wide network of partnerships and collaborations allows for greater exposure and faster access of resources to our users.

Expert Team Support

Our team of experts work together to materialise user goals at least resources.

Tailor-made solutions

Curating customised solutions for every stakeholder in the dairy industry to reach targets while making a bigger social impact.
Our Collaborations
NITARA joins hands with Ambuja Cement Foundation (ACF) Team to support the Dairy Digitisation initiative.

Blending ACF’s strong experience in field interventions with NITARA’s deep technology-led dairy domain expertise, the association seeks to enhance the livelihood of dairy farmers across the Kodinar region.

Together we support marginal farmers by offering end-to-end technology interventions leading to optimized Breeding, improved cattle health, and customized nutrition.

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