Digitising Dairy, Digitising India

GormalOne is a social enterprise creating sustainable impact through farmer-centric projects. Our mission is to make dairy farming highly profitable, especially for the smallest farmers living in the most neglected geographies. We are an agri-tech enterprise driven by the use of robust and flexible technology to achieve our vision of safeguarding India’s “nutrition security”. We are passionate about making technology accessible and user-friendly for digitally naive rural users.

Transforming the landscape of Dairy Farming in India using state-of-the-art technology.

We are leveraging our holistic experience of over 20 years in the domains of Dairy Farming and Technological Intervention to offer comprehensive dairy farm solutions to our growing clientele. We strategically amalgamate the best of both these worlds to create unprecedented success stories on the Indian farms

Our Vision for 360° Dairy Data Solution

With our technological innovations, we are helping farmers create the required farming environment ensuring cattle safety thereby leading to improved ROI of dairy farms.

We are bringing the entire dairy ecosystem to one technology platform, thereby ensuring greater access to resources, faster access to quality information and dynamic earning capabilities for all the stakeholders of the dairy.

Welcoming you to the world of Nitara

A data-based ecosystem for the dairy industry.

Experience the one-stop shop for digitisation and automation of the Indian dairy industry. Nitara is enabling Smart Farms and turning them healthier and wealthier by Nutrition Monitoring, Enhanced Breeding, Effective Predictions, Gauging Cattle Performance and more, all while keeping User Friendliness highly intact.

At GormalOne, social impact lies at the heart of everything we do, while keeping our philosophy of scalability and self-sustainability intact.