Anil Mishra


Anil Mishra

Core Team

Anil has 12 years of extensive experience in Dairy and High-End Technology. A hardcore techie with unabashed love for coding since his school days, Anil is a qualified computer engineer and a passionate entrepreneur. Anil conceptualized and developed a very innovative dairy-tech platform which transformed the lives of over 25,000 dairy farmers.

Rich dairy expertise and technological prowess – Anil brings the best of both the worlds to GormalOne. Working with a deep passion, he has gathered hands-on dairy experience and understood the pain points of the farmers through interactions with dairy farmers – organised and unorganised. He leads Team Nitara on a mission to transform the lives of over 10 million dairy farmers enabling value creation for the entire Indian Dairy Ecosystem.

Anil has previously worked in the field of clinical research and also been the ex-founder of a trendsetting dairy tech software company prior to joining GormalOne. An avid traveller and rider, Anil has travelled across 29 states twice on his motorbike, halting at dairy farms along the way. Anil’s innate ability to find innovative solutions with minimalistic resources gets him the cool hat!